Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know you're in Quito when...

We've been on quite the adventure here in Quito and we felt like there was more to add to the list that we made months ago. Hopefully this will give you a little taste of what our experience is like (and maybe even convince you to come visit!).

  • You have been called: reina (queen), querida (dear), preciosa (precious), mi hijita (my little girl), mi amor (my love), guapa (beautiful), gringa (white girl), mamacita... by strangers on the street
  • Queso Fresco just doesn´t cut it for grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Pizza sauce on pizza is a foreign concept
  • The tenth car in line at the stoplight is the one to honk the most
  • You´ve stopped laughing at the store names SuperMaxi and MegaMaxi...but you secretly still find them entertaining
  • You have your favorite bus vender and street vendor and can imitate them (Espumilla de Frutilla – diez centavitos!)
  • Old town Quito feels like a different city
  • The sun rises at 6am and sets at 6pm EVERY day
  • Nowhere will give you change for your $20 bill (even the bank!)
  • If the total is $5.15 expect to have the 15 cents ready too
  • The electricity goes out for apparently no reason
  • No hot water? Just wait for the propane tank truck to drive by, honk the horn, and you can run out to the street to buy more gas ($2.50 a tank)
  • You realize that Cui (guinea pig) doesn't really taste like chicken
  • Casual drinking on the streets doesn't get a second thought
  • Water and beer are the same price at restaurants
  • You can ride on the front bench seat with the bus driver
  • You’ve eaten boiled fish soup, bone soup, bean soup, and chicken head/foot soup in the same week
  • Mc Donald’s is for the upper class
  • You know the local landrones (thieves) by name – and they know you!
  • Empanadas are really starting to grow on you (Anna actually craves them now!)
  • The bus literally accelerates around mountain curves
  • You miss your friends and family more than you can express. We love you all!


Jamie said...

Hi Jon y Anna,

Love your blog! I sent you an email on Tues. 1/27 to joneshleman@yahoo.com. Is that address still valid? If a different one is better, let me know and I will re-send it.


-Jamie Chilton

Jamie said...

p.s. reply to jgchiltons@gmail.com Thanks - Jamie

The Reed Family said...

Anna, this is Julia, SBHS remember? I just noticed your blog through Rhonda's and have been enjoying reading your experiences in Ecuador. We are currently living in Puerto Rico where although technically part of the U.S., is very much like a foreign country! I'm sure we have more conveniences than Ecuador has to offer, but it has been a change. I was laughing as I read your post because I do the same thing about PR. But I also feel the same that things which once seemed odd, are now very normal to me. Learning to sacrifice more and love another culture is a great experience. I know we will return home after our four years here with a lot of growth! Be safe and maybe you and I will be blogging in Spanish soon! I have to go spray some ants now and get ready for church!